Associate Professor @ INSA-Lyon (Université de Lyon)

Research Interests :

I’ve gradually discovered that a research career (at least mine) is not a “long and quiet river”, but an exciting journey with turns that depends on opportunities, feelings, people and motivation…

NEW Main Topic: Frugality in Operating Systems: how do we design systems that need (way) less resources instead of expecting (always) more. 

I run this research as part of a new team called Phenix, together with Guillaume Salagnac and Nicolas Stouls. Here is our (new) team research project.

In the past, I’ve worked on several different topics, which I still keep an eye on (or even sometimes contribute to, if I feel like it). Among those are:

  • Static and dynamic compilation for protection of embedded systems against side-shannel attacks [at CEA].
  • Dataflow / streaming programming languages and operating systems for embedded systems and multi-core chips [at INSA-CITI].
  • Synchronous programming languages [at VERIMAG]

Current Affiliation: CITI Lab – CS departement – INSA Lyon

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