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Associate Professor @ INSA-Lyon (Université de Lyon)

Research Interests :

Current Research Focus : Computing Systems within Limits: how do we design systems that need (way) less resources instead of expecting (always) more. I’m particularely interested in applying this question at the operating system and programming language level.

NEW The following offers have already been filled these years. But if topic resonnates with your personnal interest, feel free to drop me a line:

I run this research as part of a new team called Phenix,  at the CITI research Lab, INSA Lyon.

Check out our research project.

In the past, I’ve worked on several different topics, which I still keep an eye on (or even sometimes contribute to, if I feel like it). Among those are:

Current Affiliation: CITI Lab – CS departement – INSA Lyon

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cv (circa May 2020, in English)


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