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Research topics

In the large, I’m interested in Compilation, Programming Languages and Runtime Support (including Operating Systems), Security, and “Low-Level” software activities in general (link with hardware, etc)

Current Activities :

I’m now working on “compilation for cyber security” within the CEA, in Grenoble. Main keywords are:

  • Side-Channel Attacks
  • Fault-Injection Attacks
  • Software counter-measures (Masking, Hiding)
  • Static and Dynamic Compilation

I also (still) work (a little) bit on program parallelization, together with Laure Gonnord and Paul Ianneta (Phd Student at Lyon 1), both part of the CASH INRIA Team.

Past Activities:

In the past, I’ve been involved on Programming Models and Operating Systems for Embedded and Real-Time Systems. In particular :

  • Compilation and Runtime support for Dataflow Programming
  • Performance Analysis of Dataflow Programs

In the large, I’m still interested by and open for collaboration on the following topics : Task Scheduling, Memory Management, Runtimes for Parallel Programming Languages, Models of Concurrency and Computations (MoCCs), Programming Languages (in particular Dataflow Programming), Reactive Systems, Synchronous Languages.

This activity was mainly run within the CITI labSocrate team.

  • In 2016, I received a COOPERA grant (cooperation program by the Rhône-Alpes region, link in French), for collaborating with colleagues at EPFL on the topic of performance analysis on NUMA architecture.

Past students:

  • Irénée Groz (M2R, 2018) : “Intégrité et confidentialité des programmes et
    des données pour les systèmes embarqués”.
  • Paul Ianneta (M2R, 2018) Efficient Compilation of Data Structures for HPC Programs
  • Manuel Selva (PhD, 2011-2015) : “Performance Monitoring of Throughput Constrained Dataflow Programs Executed On Shared-Memory Multi-core Architectures”. In collaboration with Bull SA, Échirolles. You can download his thesis.
  • Tewodros Deneke (June-Dec 2014) : “Benefits of dataflow programming for the automatic distribution of video transcoders”. Tedy is doing is PhD on distribution of video transcoders at the Embedded Systems Lab, Åbo Akademy, Turku, Finland.
  • Sebastian Bacanu, Kamil Deja, Max Thonagel (Undergrad R&D project, IST Semester, 2014-15): “Programming a Many-Core platform: experiences with the Kalray MPPA” [download report in PDF]
  • Coralie Saysset (MSc, 2014) : “Evaluation of the Memory Footprint of Dataflow Programs”


  • April 2014: We organized a one-day seminar on Compilation and Execution of Streaming Programs. Check it out here!


  • 2005 — PhD in Computer Science – Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, FRANCE.
    Title: Exploiting Regular Structures and Local Specifications for the Correct Development of Large Reactive Systems.

    • Jean Chassin de Kergommeaux, Full Professor, Université de Grenoble
    • Marc Pouzet, Full Professor, LIP6-Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris-6
    • Patrice Quinton, Full Professor, ENS Cachan
    • Jean-Louis Colaço, Esterel Technologies
    • Florent Maraninchi, Full Professor, Université de Grenoble (Advisor)