Beside Work (and sleep), I do some other interesting stuff:

Family: I live with my wife Séverine and our children Anaïs and Théophile. And they say “Hi!“.

Blog: I sometimes write stuff … about stuff and other stuff. Check out here. Once upon a time … we lived in Finland for a year. We wrote a blog about this, which is still online (the magic of internet).

Traveling: I’ve always loved travelling. Recently, we’ve started cycling familly trips. These are described in a separate blog, that of the Famille Tortue

Music: piano (classic and jazz), guitar, mandolin (both for playing irish traditional music), bodhran. In particular:

I also listen to various programs on radio or on the web, including:

Hiking, mountaineering skiing, climbing and other funny mountain-related outdoors (and sometimes indoor) activities. Here’s a bunch of interesting links on these subjects:

  • Le Mur de Lyon and m’roc where I practice climbing;
  • le Gaul, a club I started going out with at the autumn 2011;
  • l’Alpes-Club, in Grenoble, with whom I have been out in the wilderness a lot;
  • Member of Moina, aka “Mother-Infant in Nepal”, an association that develops sanitary and health conditions in a Nepalese valley, here.
  • Member of a community garden, located in the suburb of Lyon, and called Coté-Jardins.
  • Coop-user of ouvaton (which hosts this website). If you want to know what coop-user means and why, see this (sorry in french)
I read books and watch movies, too: